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I have re-discovered my favorite site on the internet– Stuff White People Like. What is beautiful about this site is it’s simplicity– It’s short, well written and cleaver.  These types of sites seem to have exploded all over the internet in recent years. Earlier this year Ben Huh did an interview with Mixergy.com and shared some insight into how he built a network of these sites anchored by I Can has Cheezburger and Fail Blog that generated 218 million page views in September alone.

In terms of content and community management he has it dialed down to a science:

  • Site visitors are lazy! – There are TONS of alternatives for your customers so following the KiSS model (Keep it Simple, Stupid) minimizes their opportunities to get distracted.
  • Content + more content – You don’t want to shut visitors out that want to spend more time. If you’re following KiSS content generation should be easy and you can pass it off to users. In the case of I Can Has Cheezburger there is no shortage of cat pictures and stupid captions to put under them.


  • Quality Content= Value – Think of these sites like fast food restaurants. Items on the dollar menu are cheap and easy to make and a $1 double cheeseburger seem like a great value.
  • Get innovated once you have their trust – I got in the habit of reading Texts From Last Night every morning while eating breakfast. Then they released the Iphone app – Texts From Last Night meet another morning routine ;)

Anyone thinking of investing time or money into one of these sites has one big question: What happens when the fad passes? Huh points out that allowing the community to guide the content will ensure that visitors keep coming back. Even if/when one of these sites runs its life cycle all that’s lost is the design and software developed for the site. Computers and humans can be reassigned to other projects that generate other KiSS sites….

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