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Last night I caught Al Gore was discussing climate change issues on Jon Stewart. Today I watched Hub Spot’s tutorial on advanced blogging for B2B. Here are the results.

The Stewart/Gore interview started out shaky but Stewart was eventually able to hone in on the key issue with climate change and the lack of tangible action. His point is that our dependence on oil is more psychological than real—our success as humankind has been built on burning carbon so shifting to renewable resources requires more than plugging our cars into a ‘super grid’.

Ok, so we’re basically screwed because we love what oil has given us and created these corporate monsters that own us, right? Hold on, let’s think rationally.

Take newspapers for example- They’re hurting, we all know that. An out-of-work journalist scoffed when I asked her about blogging, “I’m a journalist, not a blogger.” Well right now you’re neither.  In terms of content everything in a good blog should be the exact same as a community newspaper.


A good blog mixes types of posts:

  • Basic Everyday how-to’s- This is the bread-n-butter of blogs: quick, easy and informative. Think of this as the community/region section of the paper- local information in a quick read and easy to digest.
  • Healthy/thoughtful posts- Because I grew up in a small town whose paper is more useful for wrapping fish than reading; this is the ‘community event’ section where the journalist writes up a charity event, includes a few quotes from the five people who care and everyone gets to feel good about it.Big project- Think of this as the Sunday exposé on hidden asbestos at the VFW. It requires investigation, attention and should lead to lots of discussion.
  • Posts that start fires- This is the editorial section, comments responding to your post are the letters to the editor. See Om Malik’s editorial post on Skype’s recent settlement
  • Posts that are sweet- Makes blogging fun for writer and reader, shows that you’re human. We had a section in my hometown paper called “Moments in Life”. Enough said. For example, Tech blog Lifehacker does TGIF posts

Consider the location, frequency and weight those sections are given in the paper and then apply that to your blog. This should create a thoughtful and genuine mix of content that interests your readers. Be sure to blend media types (text, photos, videos) and you should be well on your way.


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