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There are two things that get me really jacked in life: Good ideas, and good ideas put into action.

Cristo Rey is a network of private schools set up primarily in neglected urban neighborhoods.

Here’s what’s great about the schools: Their mission is to narrow the ‘achievement gap‘ that is to say they focus on preparing at-risk, urban, and blue collar youth with the attitudes and skills necessary to achieve in college and beyond.

Here’s how they do it (excerpt from Workplace U on American RadioWorks)

The Cristo Rey business plan works this way: Employers pay the school what they would pay a full-time, entry-level employee, minus benefits. In Birmingham that’s $21,500. That one job is shared among four students, who each work on a different week day. A student’s work-study income pays about 70 percent of that student’s tuition. Parents pay a fee based on their income sometimes less than $100 a month. Foundations, charities and donations make up the rest. The Cristo Rey Network is sponsored by dozens of major corporations and by grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other philanthropies.

The Story (on Workplace U) focuses on Carlon Harris a high school junior in Birmingham who works as an administrative assistant at a Birmingham business incubator. This would a daunting assignment for any high schooler, then factor the social, economic and potential challenges at home.

Various types of public charter schools have been filling this void for quite some time now and are now very popular across urban cities. High Tech High is a group of high schools, middle schools and one elementary school in San Diego County whose goals (among others) are to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students in math and engineering who succeed in high school and post-secondary education (High Tech High’s Goals).

While High Tech High’s science focus is badly needed in American Education, their admissions process is a lottery- A lottery??? What good does that do anyone? You’re removing any element of motivation.

Cristo Rey has found the winning formula; motivated kids possibly lacking family or social structure put them in a situation with high expectations combined with real-world experience that shows them what they’re working towards.

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Human interaction is a great way to establish connections, swap ideas, and find out what’s happening outside of your bubble. Attending conferences, exhibiting, and/or speaking at these events will grow your business and establish credibility for both you and your company.

Here is a list we’re putting together of the top internet marketing, 2.0, and interactive conferences for 2010. Please add any conferences we missed for 2010 in the comments.



Kellogg Marketing Conference— 1/22-23 Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Attendees: Marketers (of all kinds), Sales Managers, Brand Managers, Small/Medium Business Owners, MBAs

Social Media Conference 1/27 – 1/29 Miami, FL

Online Marketing Summit—2/22-25 San Diego!!!
Attendees: Brand Marketers, Strategists, SEO Marketers, Digital Media

Search Marketing Expo West—3/2-4 Santa Clara, CA
Attendees: SEM, SEO marketers, E-commerce managers

Media Summit New York – 3/10-11 NYC
Attendees: Advertising Sales, Digital Advertising, Station Managers, Producers

SXSW Interactive 3/17 -3/21 Austin, TX

Marketplaces 2010 3/22 -3/24 San Diego, CA

PMA Annual Integrated Marketing Conference 3/24 – 3/25 Chicago, IL

Social Media Conference NW 3/25 – Mount Vernon, WA

Sports Event Marketing Experience—3/26-27 Washington DC
Attendees: Pro and College Sports Marketing and Managers

Inbound Marketing Summit – 3/30 San Francisco
Attendees: Brand Managers, New Media Managers

Where 2.0 Conference 3/30 – 4/1 San Jose, CA

Kellogg School of Management Technology Conferece—4/21 Northwestern University, Evantston, IL

Advertising Age Digital Conference – 4/13 -4/14 New York City

Ad Tech – San Francisco 4/20-4/22 Moscone Center West


Community 2.0 Conference – 5/3 -5/5 Boston, MA


AAF National Conference 6/10 -6/12


Peer Summit 10/6 – New York

Blogworld and New Media Expo 10/14 -10/16 Las Vegas, NV

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Our first social media workshop was last friday, March 27th at Gallup in Omaha, NE and it was a great event. The event was hosted by the AIM Institute and directed by Dr. Gerald R. Wagner, College of Information Science and Technology and Gallup Senior Scientist.

We had 75+ attendees from a very diverse crowd. We had teachers, professors, information technologists, small business owners, local reporters, sales people, and entrepreneurs.

The feedback was excellent and the number one thing we realized is people just need help getting started. Once we got everyone started they loved it and took off with it. People have been twittering, blogging, and connecting on Facebook and LinkedIn and its awesome. They took the idea of “getting in the conversation” and ran with it.

Here are some of the quotes and I hope to see more in the comments:

“Great presentation on web 2.0 technologies and social media.” Andrew – Programmer Analyst

“Really enjoyed and learned a lot at your Social Media Workshop. Thanks for sharing your expertise . . . very valuable. I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. ” – Arthur – Professor

You taught an awesome class at AIM Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.” – Douglas – Internet Specialist

Great conference! Awesome information. I am planning to “follow” you now, as I am interested in starting my own business. Sounds like you hit it out of the park.” –  Michael B.

Jimmy – awesome conference at the Gallup. Great info and hope you enjoyed Omaha, NE. Can’t resist… go Huskers!” – Dan – IT Supervisor

It was not only an awesome conference, but very humbling to receive such great compliments and we are planning to go back to Omaha in September and several other cities in between.

Our next conference is April 11th at SDSU. We hope you can make it. In San Diego, we not only will be running the same great workshop but we have recruited several other companies to participate and run segments of the workshop. Register Here


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